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studio4\2 has been designing and maintaining web sites for more than 5 years.  We can provide designs to meet most any need from the simplest personal sites of only a few pages to large institutional sites.  Small businesses just starting out are one of our specialties.  We have had a simple site up and bringing in revenue in only a few days for a few hundred dollars.  There are no set-up fees and we charge a reasonable hourly rate.  You pay only for the services you use.  We use GoDaddy as our host and their fees can be under $4/month.  We have also provided graphic design and photographic services for many of our web clients.  We can work from materials you already have or can do the entire thing, turn key for you.

Below are a few screen shots from web projects.  Click on the image to see each site in more detail.  Contact us at cassidy@studio4-2.com for more information.

start-up business e-commerce design & maintenance

large non-profit institution site

consulting business informational site

small business photography, graphic design & web design


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