artist's statement about western slope

The images in this collection are a celebration of the unique environment of the American Southwest..  All of the images are taken within a few hours drive of my home on Log Hill Mesa.  Most are in SW Colorado, a few are in Eastern Utah.  Many are in Ouray county, known as the Switzerland of America.  Several are of the Cimarron ridge in the Uncompahgre National Forrest which I can see from my dining room window.  Most of these are taken at sunset since I live on the West facing side of the ridge.  Some are taken in the Sneffles Wilderness, which I can see out my living room window.

Most of my photography in the past has been of places that I will only visit once in a lifetime.  A few, like Glacier National Park, have drawn me back a half dozen times over a 30 year span.  I have photographed White Rock Lake in Dallas for years in all seasons and in all light.  I am thrilled to now have the chance to experience this intense, repeated, in-depth photography of one of America's most beautiful natural areas.  To photograph the saw tooth ridge of the Cimarron's in bright light and blue sky, in the glow of sunset, in a foggy, snow storm has dramatically increased my understanding of the region and my appreciation for the varied emotions and images possible in one single spot.

I hope to add detailed descriptions of how most effectively to photograph Ouray county in the near future.  these descriptions will include driving instructions, trail information and preferred times and seasons.  Until you can visit and see for yourself, I hope these few images can help transport you to the incredible beauty of the area. 


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